Administrator, We, us or B.A.M Drainage Limited, who are responsible for providing the repairs on your boiler. You, Your, Agreement; the party set out on your agreement document. Plan period, period of the agreement as defined in the agreement document. Service plan; note this is a service plan not an insurance policy.


What is Provided:

The cost covers your boiler at the property registered on your policy should something go wrong that is not covered under your home insurance policy. This cover plan provides:

  • Technical support over the telephone is you have a fault.

  • The cost of an engineer coming to the property who will complete a diagnostic test on the fault.

  • Replacement parts / fixtures to the fault to be arranged

  • Registered gas safety engineers to the property

  • Claims treated as a priority / emergency 

  • Unlimited call outs; maximum claim amount £500 per call out

  • Replacement payment towards a new boiler £350

  • Replacement if irreparable

  • Maximum claim amount per year £1000

  • Support / help understanding the difference between our cover and a home insurance cover

Please note all claims are subject to the company’s discretion.


What’s not provided:

Repairs to equipment covered under a manufacturers warranty will not be covered.

Nor will equipment or repairs of the following:

  • If the fault is covered under your home insurance policy

  • Damage caused by incorrect use;

  • Manufacturer recalls

  • The boiler being installed by someone who was not gas safety registered

  • Any claim whereby the fault may cause damage to one of our engineers

  • Damaged caused by fire

  • Not following engineers’ instructions

  • Issues known before the start date of the policy

  • General wear and tear

  • Septic tanks

  • Radiators

  • General maintenance when a system has not been previously maintained – you will be asked to supply the company with your previous annual boiler safety certificates

  • Costs of evacuation or trace access due to works

  • Costs arisen due to the timescale on the work being completed

  • Descaling or any work resulting from hard water deposits

  • No fault being found with equipment – should an engineer come to the property and no fault be found then you the customer will be expected to pay for their time

  • Should you the customer decide to get your own engineer to the property we cannot guarantee to pay for this, however, please ensure all invoices and gas safety certificates are sent to ourselves for the company to review

  • Faults reported to be over the maximum claim amount



This service plan will also not cover you for:

  • Work required outside of business hours including public holidays,

  • Damaged caused by rust or corrosion

  • Disposal or installation that goes above the maximum claim amount

  • Repairs completed that are not done by our approved engineers

  • Faults caused by not using one of our approved engineers

  • Interruption or disconnection of public services to home however caused

  • Requirements needed to disconnect / shut anything down outside of the property.

  • Cleaning of any equipment



General information:

  • You must provide us with any information that we request when arranging this plan. Any information must be truthful and must not be false, exaggerated or misleading.

  • Your product must be used in a private home, solely occupied by a single household (at the address you confirmed to us unless otherwise agreed), with all relevant paperwork to be supplied to the company and engineer should we request it

  • The fault must be easily accessible, meet all the relevant safety standards and be safe to work on,

  • Your system (If able to store certain information) must not contain any content we consider to be illegal; we reserve the right to inform the relevant authorities,

  • We have the right to refuse any claims that are covered under home insurance

  • We have the right to refuse any claims

  • Please note the staff at B.A.M Drainage Limited  are trained to the highest standards, if they feel they are being abused or spoken to incorrectly they reserve the right to terminate the contact with you and request for you to contact us in written form for any enquiries or faults.

  • If you miss a payment on this policy then no work will happen until the policy is brought up to date.


Renewing this policy:

You will be contacted in writing or via telephone 1 month before the policy is due for renewal to see if you wish to renew. If you do not wish us to contact, you then you will need to notify us in writing or via telephone before the renewal date.


Contract of services:

This plan is not categorised as an insurance product and therefore insurance regulation does not apply. This plan is a contract of services and is governed by UK laws and

regulations concerning service contracts need to be checked, failure to notify us of any changes could affect the cover.


Cancellation of this policy:

  • Under consumer contract regulations (CCR) you have 14 days from receiving this document to cancel the service plan and get a full refund. Refunds will be processed immediately but can take 5-10 working days to clear in your account. If you wish to cancel outside of the 14 days CCR you may do so, however a full refund does not need to be provided. An administration fee maybe deducted from any pro-rata refund due,

  • B.A.M Drainage Limited reserve the right to refuse any claim without prior notice,

  • If B.A.M Drainage Limited feel that you are falsely claiming, we have the right to terminate your service plan with immediate effect,

  • B.A.M Drainage Limited do reserve the right to terminate this service plan at any time with a written explanation without any notice,

  • Please note on cancellation of your policy your name and address information will be held on our records for up to 5 years however you will not be contacted again by us,

  • If you choose to cancel your policy, any outstanding payments on your account must be paid in order to cancel your policy,

  • You cannot claim within the first 28 days of the policy start date, please find this on the policy document.

  • You can not cancel the policy if you have used the service, if you wish to do so the company reserves the right to charge you for the work completed.



If you wish to register a complaint, you can do this via telephone or email. Please contact 01202 932130 and ask to speak with the complaints department. Alternatively, if you wish to contact us via letter or email you can.

The address is:

Complaint Manager

B.A.M Drainage Limited

1 Poole Road



The email contact is: if you are emailing please put your policy number, name, postcode and telephone number within the email.

The complaints department will register the complaint. They have 5 working days to acknowledge your complaint and then 4 weeks from the date of receipt to resolve the complaint.  


Data Protection:

B.A.M Drainage Limited complies with the Data Protection act 2018. We will not provide any of your data to any third party without your prior consent. We will only use your information to fulfil our services under this agreement. Under the Data Protection Act 2018 you have the right to request us not to pass your information on to any third-party companies. You have the right to request all the information we hold on our systems for you along with all information including any call recordings to be removed, if you wish for B.A.M Drainage Limited to do this then this must be sent in writing to the following address:

Complaint Manager

B.A.M Drainage Limited

1 Poole Hill




How to claim:

If you experience any issues with your equipment during the term of this agreement, please contact us on 01202932130 we are open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm excluding public holidays.

We will try to resolve the issue other the telephone. If we are unable to do this then we will arrange a qualified engineer to come and inspect the appliance, if it is irreparable then we will replace it or give you money towards a replacement, please be aware all calls are recorded and monitored for training purposes.


Alteration and assignment:

You are not permitted to assign to another person(s) or change in anyway the rights under this policy without the written consent of B.A.M Drainage Limited.


Customers with Disabilities:

If you are disabled and wish to have the documents in Large Print or Audio formats, please contact us 01202 9321230. To safeguard ourselves and our customers, if any plan is set up and the customer suffers from any disability which can hinder decisions over the phone e.g. Alzheimer’s and Dementia, we will ensure that all fees paid are refunded and the customers details are suppressed from our systems. In all cases, we will also contact our data provider to get their details suppressed off. Our outbound sales team are trained to identify if a customer is classed as vulnerable however we do understand in some cases, customers with such disabilities can get through and once notified we will take immediate action to protect that customer.

If you are contacting us on behalf of a customer with a disability please be aware that data protection will still need to be followed unless the customer has a power of attorney, in which case we may request a copy of this.

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